Kassal Group

Quantum dynamics in complex chemical systems

Our Research

We develop new theoretical tools for simulating the movement of energy and charge in disordered or dissipative materials, as well as their interaction with light. We apply our techniques to both next-generation materials and biological systems, with the aim of developing design principles for improving solar energy conversion. For calculations that are too hard for existing supercomputers, we create new methods that use quantum computers.

Energy and charge transport

We develop new methods to better understand how charge and energy move in molecular systems, including photosynthetic complexes, where we have shown quantum effects play a role.

Organic electronics

Organic semiconductors promise clean solar energy and lightweight electronic devices, and we are unravelling how they work and how to improve them.

Coherent light harvesting

Harvesting solar energy is about light interacting with matter, and we are showing how coherent aspects of this interaction can be used to improve efficiencies.

Quantum simulation

Simulating quantum chemistry and physics is difficult for ordinary computers, so we are developing a full suite of methods to do it efficiently on quantum computers.

Group News

Oct 2021

Welcome Vanessa and Adesh, who join us for their PhDs as SQA scholarship winners

Aug 2021

Welcome Justin, who joins us for an undergraduate research project

Jul 2021

Ivan is awarded the 2020 RACI Physical Chemistry Division Lectureship

Jun 2021

Congrats to Alok for defending his Masters thesis 👨‍🎓

Apr 2021

Congrats to Jacob for winning the John Coutts Scholarship 💰

Mar 2021

Sydney Quantum Academy scholarships are opening soon—get in touch now

Mar 2021

Check out Ivan's talk on simulating chemical dynamics on quantum computers, now on Youtube